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Paid Partnership


  • A paid partnership on Instagram occurs when an influencer or brand advocate shares a post or story and tags in a business account as a Business Partner.
  • When applied correctly, the paid partnership tag appears at the top of the image or story where the area/location normally sits. Followers will see ‘Paid partnership with [Business Partner]’ directly under the account’s username. The Business Partner title is a hyperlink that leads directly to the business’s page.
  • The use of the paid partnership feature is becoming commonplace among influencers, making the platform a more trusted source of brand referrals by increasing the level of transparency for influencers and brand advocates on the platform.

What are the benefits to using the paid partnership feature?



As an influencer, the paid partnership function assists in building a more transparent, trusting relationship with the audience through the disclosing of sponsored posts.


It also gives influencers the ability to collect more data, allowing them to make more informed decisions on what business partners and brands to engage with.

The influencer will also get a lot of new followers due to promotion activities!


This feature will also work as an indication to other brands that the particular influencer takes in paid partnerships and may increase the amount of sponsorship opportunities they receive.

What kind of content we will accept?


  • On the photo we need to see the person and our product which must necessarily be at the forefront – selfies are the best.
  • Why? according to our analysis in Business manager and experience, such a post works the best – for the influencer and for the brand.


  • Desription needs to be sale-oriented
  • Either you add your personal positive review or why this product is good for your followers (health benefits and facts about product)

WHY? Person is in focus (she is taking selfie), products are in focus – straight forward. This is good example of sale-oriented post.


WHY? Although photo is very creative, but the post is not sale-oriented (products aren’t in focus) – we are looking sale-oriented photos.

Numbers for one month campaign

  • REACH: 81.798
  • USED AMOUNT: 1000 €
  • CPC: 0,123
  • CTR: 3,066
  • CPM: 3,78
  • ALL CLICKS: 8.106
  • REVENUE: 4680 €
  • PROFIT: 3680€
  • 1 % PER REVENUE: 46,80 €
  • 5 % PER REVENUE: 234 €

Why work with us as paid partnership?

  • You will get free products
  • You will get more followers
  • You will become more recognizable
  • You will get paid for successful paid partnership post
  • You will get more visability and potential new brands to colaborate with
  • We are global company working with more than 25 different countries

The success of the post collaboration is on the side of both!

If you want to collaborate with us, let us know on [email protected] or Instagram account @naturesfinest

What do you get in return for the Instagram post?

  • Free products, you can choose on our website
  • 1 % net of total revenue after one month no mather what CPA (the payment is made to the issued invoice through your company)
  • 5 % net of total revenue without tax after one month in case if these campaign is not exceeding 7€ CPA in 3 days
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